What's Far Infared Rays (FIR) ?

There are two reasons all living things need sunshine – Far Infrared heat and Vitamin D.

Far Infrared Ray (FIR), is the ‘warm’ energy in humans, animals and plants, emitted from sunlight. The intensity of Far Infrared heat produced by the human body constantly fluctuates. When the intensity is high, we feel healthy and better equipped to deal with physical challenges. When the Far Infrared begins to decline, we are subject to becoming unwell and tend to age more quickly. We can be exposed to pure Far Infrared heat for hours and it will not cause our skin to burn, in fact the Japanese use it to promote healing from sunburn. Far Infrared heat is completely healthy and safe for all living things.

What is Far Infrared therapy (FIR) and what does it do:
Far Infrared Ray are waves of energy, totally invisible to the naked eye, which penetrate the surface of the skin where they gently and elevate the body’s surface temperature to 107.6F/42C and above, whilst positively activating body systems and functions

When heated, the Graphene heating film can emit far-infrared radiation at a wave length of 6-14 μm, which is similar to that emitted from the human body, Thus the two radiation would have a resonance together to bring about a physical therapeutic effects like increasing the micro-circulation, increasing the blood circulation, boosting metabolism, improving immunity.

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