What's Hydrogen?


  • H2 is far smaller than any other Antioxidant, allowing it to easily enter deeper into our cells than all other Antioxidants.
  • In fact, it is even small enough to penetrate the mitochondria of cells (the cell’s energy center), meaning H2 provides Antioxidant protection at the source of harmful Free Radical production. (PIC # 1)
  • Unlike other Antioxidants (Vit C, E, Q10) , H2 is also small enough to pass through the blood-brain barrier to provide protection against Free Radicals. Hydrogen can penetrate into cell-core since both water and fat soluble (PIC 2)
  • Zero toxicity. When hydrogen neutralizing free radical the only by product is water. When Vitamin C neutralizing a free radical it will change into a less active free radical called Ascorbyl. Vitamin C has been a popular skin care trend, but one can see how Hydrogen Water will soon been a the new sought after trend.
  • Hydrogen is a Smart Antioxidant, H2 selectively neutralizes the most harmful Free Radical, hydroxyl (OH) and converts it into Water which is eliminated by body.

Research Indicates

  • Hydrogen Water is 176 times more effective than Vitamin C.
  • Hydrogen Water is 309 times more effective than Glutathione
  • Hydrogen Water is 431 times more effective than Vitamin E
  • Hydrogen Water is 863 times more effective than Q10

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