How do I know if I have logged into my Account ?

Once u have logged in your account the “Login” Tab at top right corner will change to “My Account” and u are ready to shop and get all the members discount

How will I know if my order have been received by you ?

you will receive order confirmation notifications via SMS and Email with ur order details. So please ensure u have registered with the correct email and mobile phone no#.

When Will you start to process my order ?

once we have received you payment we will start to process ur order. u will get email / SMS cnfm on receipt of you payment slip. Please ensure u send us the payment receipt with the order no# mentioned to enable us to process ur order quickly.

How will i know if my order has been shipped ?

once your order has been shipped u will get SMS confirmation via our system advising u of the courier tracking no#. U can track the courier online on our website to track your product.

What if I place an order but the product is sold out ?

In case the stock of the product is sold out u will get a notification at the time of booking. U can still book the product so when fresh stocks arrive your order will be shipped out first. In case there is delay we will inform u and u can either get a refund or get special discount for advance booking.

What if I receive a Damaged package ?

Take a picture and send to us via Line or Email and we will find the way to solve your problem and send u a replacement.

Can I place order with Line or FB Messenger

Yes u can. However we suggest u register with us so u address and other details are in our database. For future order u do not need to provide us all this information again. this will speed up ur shopping.. 🙂


Dear Milife customers.

Thank you for shopping with Milife. We hope are have a good experience with Milife. While we try our best to forsee any problems that customers may face, and find solutions there are always ways to improve online shopping experience for our customers. We welcome ur kind suggestions to make your shopping experience more easy and more pleasurable and stand a chance also to be a monthl lucky winner buy sending us ur suggestion and sharing your product review on our website. BE HEALTHY BE SMART BE CONFIDENT INSIDE OUT and Welcome to MILIFE FAMILY.

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