AI Tech Product

Graphene Coated Smart Watch (Worlds First)


Worlds first Graphene Coated Sports and Smart Health Monitoring Watch : (Graphene is worlds strongest / lightest / flexible / best electric & heat conductor) that uses CVD Graphene film as conductive element for touch screen instead of normal ITO (Indiun Tin Oxide)

– Futuristic Design

– Dynamic ECG Monitoring

– Dynamic Heart Rate

– Dynamic Blood Pressure

– Sleep Monitoring APP

– Calories Burn /  Steps / Running Distance

– Detailed Health Index

– Temperature Monitoring

( These are via a App on Mobile Phone via Blue tooth Android / IOS )

– ultra long charging ( 7-10 working and 20-25 days Stand By )

– water and sweat proof

– Phone Tracing / SMS etc and other functions.

– Gravity Sensing to Automatically recognize and brighten the screen

The complete Dynamic Sports and Health Monitoring Smart Watch

AI Tech Product

AI voice + Text Translator Pro


This translation machine with multi-language and Oral language translation technology  .

40 artificial intelligence intonation recognition engines   + Grammar recognition system   + Natural language processing Technology.

1. Simultaneous Quick Translation in 42+ Languages

2. AI based Machine learning

3. Touch Screen Repeat to play function

4. Scan and Translate function

5. Simultaneous Multi language Group Chatting (upto 6 different langauge)


Hydro Spa

฿25,000.00 ฿18,000.00

World first H2 SPA Device utilizes cutting-edge technology to produce Nano hydrogen bubble through hydrogen generator. The product is designed for body bath, foot bath and facial spa.

Benefits you will get from Hydrogen water

(1) Antioxidant that only eliminates bad radicals;

(2) Strengthens the body’s antioxidant system (Glutathione, catalase, SOD);

(4) Repairs the cells and gene damaged by bad radicals;

(5) Fast beauty effect;

(6) Anti-inflammatory;

(7) Anti-allergy;

(8) Scientifically proven to improve over 73 kinds of diseases;

(9) Stimulates energy metabolism to help prevent weight gain;

(10) Supports glucose homeostasis;

(11) Stabilizes cholesterol levels;

(12) Help treat the muscle pain and sprained during exercise or manual labor;



Nano Hydrogen Facial Mist


World’s most compact Nano Hydrogen Mister now in Thailand .. BEST NATURAL CARE FOR SMOOTH and GLOWING SKIN


  • The Nano Technology vibrates 120,000 / min to convert the large water molecule into fine Nano Mist that can easily penetrate the Skin
  • These Nano water molecule removes the dirt from inside the skin pores and closes the pores preventing dirt to gather in the skin pores making skin softer.


  • Hydrogen is the most natural and effect Antioxidant with no Toxin effect.
  • Due its small size It is 160X more stronger than Vitamin C , 860 time more stronger than Co Enzyme Q10


  • Anti Acne
  • Skin Whitening
  • Anti UV
  • Anti Inflammatory
  • Natural Moisturizer
  • Anti Oxidant neutralizes Free Radicals

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